Broken BallotsBroken Ballots: Will Your Vote Count?
By Douglas W. Jones and Barbara Simons
CSLI Publications, Stanford, CA

This valuable work starts with a history of use of technology in elections — of special interest to the technologist — and continues with many chapters on our recent electronic voting history as it relates to election integrity issues – made the richer because the authors were often participants as events unfolded.

Organizational Websites

The Verified Voting organization has two components:, a 501(c)(4) nonprofit lobbying organization and The Verified Voting Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit educational organization. You may access both from

From their About page:

“ is a non-partisan non-profit organization that advocates for legislation and regulation that promotes accuracy, transparency and verifiability of elections. We believe the integrity and strength of our democracy relies on citizen’s trust that each vote be counted as cast. Our primary concern lies in ensuring that the means for verifying election outcomes are in place and used for that purpose. We also focus on the reliability and security of voting systems. We connect those who are making and implementing policy that shapes how we vote to those who understand the particular risks associated with the emerging digital landscape, particularly on-line and electronic voting…”

About the Verified Voting Foundation:

“Verified Voting’s mission is “Safeguarding elections in the digital age.” We are a non-governmental organization working toward accuracy, integrity and verifiability of elections…The Verified Voting Foundation, Inc. is an educational nonprofit 501(c)(3) corporation.

“Since its founding in 2003 by Stanford computer science professor David L. Dill, the Verified Voting Foundation has worked at the local, state, and federal levels to ensure that all votes in U.S. elections are cast and counted accurately. By bringing national attention to the need for publicly verifiable voting systems, VVF gives voice to both scientists and concerned citizens who are concerned about the challenge that paperless electronic voting presents to the ongoing integrity of elections. VVF stakeholders share a desire that technologies be employed in ways that enhance, rather than compromise, the trustworthiness of our electoral process.”

From the welcome message written by Bev Harris, Founder:

Coalition for Good Governance is a nonpartisan, nonprofit (501(c)(3)) orginization focused on election security and transparency.

Voting News

The Voting NewsThe Voting News is a news service made possible by Thrn Verified Voting Foundstion


The Brad Blog, written by Brad Friedman, is independent of corporate or foundation funds, and often has original news stories on election integrity or lack thereof, as well as other topics.

Below is a quote from the site:

“The BRAD BLOG is a 100% independent investigative news, journalism, blogging, muckraking and trouble-making outlet, now in our sixteenth year!

“We focus on issues such as election reform, media reform, social justice, the environment, accountability, good government and rights and freedoms, in a way that no other outlet does.”